Importance Of Reading Comprehension

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Student’s Reading Comprehension Level and Word Problem Analysis Skill

THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND One great asset of a student is that he/she is able to understand what he/she is reading. When a student is able to understand thoroughly the article at first reading, without any aid of vocabulary materials, then the student probably hashigh reading comprehension ability. Reading comprehension is the ability of a student to understand written articles with his/her own knowledge. Moreover, comprehending what one reads means that you understand the printed symbols in terms that have meaning for you, that relate to you (Roldan, A., 2010.) If students have a high comprehension level, it is an advantage for he/she can easily understand sequence of directions and sentences. Also a student with high comprehension level can be regarded as one who excels in the field of English. Books are major instruments for a student to gain such comprehension level. But, there are majority types of books that use English as its medium. Mathematics is one. Textbooks seem to play an important role in mathematics education at all levels (Foxman, 1999) and therefore, reading activity and reading comprehension play a vital role. Relevantly, solving word problems in Mathematics involves reading comprehension in order to attempt to solve the given problem. Commins (1979, 1984) in studies of the language skills of bilinguals, concluded that a certain level of linguistic proficiency seemed to

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