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Students sometimes wonder about what will help their grade goes up and be good at studying. And they always have some things in mind that they need to read more books. However, the students just think and not try in reality. Reading helps students in a lot of different ways. Reading can help the students a lot by supporting students at other subjects, get higher grades in school, and teach them about the world around them.
Reading can support students in various subjects. First, reading can help students build vocabulary skill. Johnson O 'Connor, an American psychometrician, researcher, the educator said that reading is an important step to increase children’s knowledge of words. He also said, “Reading is how you can find the words that you
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Reading can help students learn about the world around them. First, books can open your mind. Lisa Bu said that reading books can support students to have a wide range of book choices during her TED talk. (TED talk) In another way to say, reading books can teach new experience and information to students. Second, books can build independent and self-confidence. The book “The Little Book of Parenting” proves us that reading is a valuable way to build Independent, self-confident and being a productive member of society. This also tells us that books make students do presentation confidently and independently work on the things that they want to do. In addition, by reading books, students can explore and discover by themselves. They say that reading books is boring and makes you sleep. But I say that there are a lot of interesting facts in a book. Furthermore, there are loads of genres, so if the students find a book that they are especially interested, they can concentrate and keep reading the books. They also say that reading books waste people’s time and heavy to bring during their busy daily routine. But I say that there is various way to read books. Nowadays, people do not have bring heavy books because there are ebooks which you can read with electronic devices. Moreover, reading books are not waste of time because we can learn a lot of things by reading. Lastly, reading support students to learn about the world by opening your mind and building independent and

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