Importance Of Reading In English

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When I was little I never like school I didn’t like to read or anything that did with school. When I started school I was 9 years old in second grade when I first started to read. I took one year of Spanish because I didn’t know how to read in Spanish. My teacher that thought me to read was a good teacher because I learned to read less than a year he was really hard on me but I grateful that learned. I thought the worst about reading but after all it was something important because this is something that I am going to use in life. The second language that I learned how to read is English, reading in English was easier than Spanish because after I learned how to read in English I did not really practice my Spanish reading. My teacher Ms. Brilasky thaught me to read English she was good teacher because I remember that she was patient with me.
When I started to read “Pepita Talks Twice” I was 9 years old. My teacher gave it to me, so I can learn how to read both languages, but I did not understand the book. I would look
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Her dad was a drug dealer and he would give her and her family everything. Her dad had money; he bought a house out of the projects with the money that he got from selling drugs. Her dad got arrested and that is when she lost everything because her dad had a lover and he left all the money to her, but he told her to give the half of the money to his daughter, so they had to struggle a lot. Then, her mom becomes a drug addicted and a social worker took her little sisters and Winter had to hustle her way out. She was in love with Midnight but he didn’t like her because he does not like that kind of girls that shows their body, he only likes girls that are more reserved. I learned from this story that choosing the easy way is not the best choice because we can affect the people that we love by doing things that are not
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