Importance Of Reading In Reading

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Chapter 1 Introduction
The level of English reading is an important reflection of the comprehension level of English learners’ language. In the college English teaching, English reading comprehension is an important activity in teaching. It is the meaning and purpose of college students learning English. What’s more, it’s the focus of English majors to improve their reading ability. So, students should pay more attention to English reading comprehension.
In the era of knowledge explosion and information revolution, English has become the most important carrier and the most widely used language in all areas of human life. In the English teaching, listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating have a very important position. In these five aspects, reading is an important way to master and use English language. Strawn(1978) once said: Reading is the basis of other language skills, strong reading ability helps students master the target language. (Chen Weiwei & Gu Lihong 2005(3):1)
Due to our country lacks English natural environment, English as a foreign language teaching in China. In this condition, English learners don’t have enough chance to exercise, and they only get information through reading. So, English reading has become a vital question in the study of foreign language teaching. Hu chundong(1998) pointed out: English reading study is a necessary way to realize English as the most common language and the industrialization of English teaching in the world. It’s
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