Personal Narrative: My Reading Response

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As I first began to write my RR’s, I used a heuristic trial and error tactic. I needed to decide what worked best for me before I could make my RR’s insightful and interesting. For my first reading response, I read through the different categories to get a feel for what I should be looking for while close-reading. I found something interesting, stopped reading, and wrote my reading response in the midst of the composition. I discovered that I didn 't really like this method that much because I didn 't get the chance to wholly appreciate the beauty of the work, as I stopped in the middle of it to complete the RR. Therefore, the next time a reading response was assigned, I took a different approach to completing it. That time, I read over the category list to remind myself of what I should be looking for in the text, found something in the text that interested me, made note of that interest in the margin, and continued reading. After reading, I went back to the margins of the text to find what I noted as interesting, and then wrote my reading response…show more content…
However, in order to improve my reading responses for the upcoming semester, I need to begin to read the compositions for pleasure, instead of viewing them as just another task to complete for homework. I truly believe that one of the only ways to be a good writer and reader is to truly come to enjoy reading. If I begin to view completing reading responses as a pleasurable activity, I will be able to increase my comprehension more, as I will be fully engaged in the text. Other than this, there is nothing else that I can do to improve my RR’s, other than keeping up with the same effort that I am doing
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