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The purpose of my paper is to reflect then share with my classmates and professor the way that the author in my core reading uses rhetorical features to inform us about different diets as well as obesity. My audience is my classmates and professor; the time of my writing is when rhetorical writing is most relevant in my class, as we just learned about it. The place is in my English class during module 6. In this paper, I will point out details from the reading that used these rhetorical features. This is important because the features all have different effects on readers so it is interesting to hear how certain parts might have made one reader feel or think opposed to another. This is why I will also share how this author made me feel or…show more content…
In the beginning of his article he says, “Over the past three decades, the prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically in both developed and developing countries” (Foreyt). Then he continues to give more statistics to inform readers of this epidemic which makes me think that he originally wrote this paper to address the issue of obesity. Then, wanted to follow it up by informing readers that there is a solution to the problem, “If followed conscientiously, all weight loss diets regardless of macronutrient composition can be successful” (Foreyt). Regardless of if somebody is reading the article in order to start their own path to health, there are factors that will make some people respond differently to the diets suggested. He states these factors by saying, “Taste, convenience, cost, variety, palpability, and cultural and behavioral factors are all major determinants that must be considered when evaluating diets in different compositions” (Foreyt). For instance, some people may find dieting to be time consuming if they have to prep ahead, or some people might struggle with balancing variety in their new suggested diet. This could turn people away from recommending this article to others in the same

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