Importance Of Recidivism

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Setting up Juveniles for Failure Recidivism is the tendency of a criminal to re offend. When speaking about recidivism, we tend to think that it is something inevitable. That just because a troubled teen has lived a burdensome life that there is no way for them to change their ways and get their life back on track. Nevertheless people do change and ironically focusing on the rehabilitation of juveniles that commit felonious crimes is far more effective and efficient than ensuring their punishment. Juveniles should not be tried as adults for felonious crimes because they do not receive the rehabilitation necessary to reverse recidivism rates so the juvenile justice system needs to be revised to eliminate the adult court system. The United States has one of the most knowledgeable judicial systems in the world. This is convenient because we live in such a diverse and opinionated country. A country filled with different goals and point of views. This is why a system had to be initiated and this is how the judicial system came about. The role of the judicial branch is to interpret the law and provide a way to resolve disputes. “The court system was established in 1789, officially titled (An Act to Establish the Judicial Courts of the United States), was signed into law by President George Washington on September 24, 1789. The court system was constructed to settle disputes and work toward justice in a fair and rational matter” (Judiciary Act of 1789). The initial job of
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