Importance Of Recruitment And Selection In The Hospitality Industry

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Essay Topic ‘Recruitment and selection in the hospitality and tourism industry are effective enough.’ What is the role of the HR function in employee resourcing, recruitment and selection and what is the relationship between these three terms? What constitutes ‘good practice’ in this area? What are the key sources of recruitment in the UK /India and their relative costs? What are the relative merits and weaknesses of a range of selection practices in terms of validity, predictive ability and cost? What evidence is there of good industry practice in recruitment and selection and how could this be improved? Is there a link between selection and employee retention. How might R & S be improved to achieve good employee ‘fit’? An attempt has been made in this essay to identify and differentiate specific theories, research findings and practices regarding managing people…show more content…
Internal recruitment is also having the advantage of saving time because if the employers choose for external recruitment they have to spend time in advertisement of job etc. Moreover, employers can also save cost through internal recruitment because they will have to spend money for an outside employee who needs to become familiar with the company. Lockyer and scholaris said in 004 that,if the employer is choosing internally he/she will know about the employees abilities. This will reduce the risk of selecting an inappropriate employee. Further on, by applying internal recruitment, the employees will have incentive to stay in the company in order to climb the carrier ladder. This would fuel the incentives for effectiveness and improve their productivity.(Molander

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