Employee Recruitment And Selection

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1.1 Recruitment and selection
Recruitment and selection involves making predictions about future behavior so that decisions can be made about who will be most suitable for a particular job. Predictions must always be couched in terms of probabilities because the future is unpredictable(Newell, 2005). Because recruitment and selection is the core activity of the Human resource management, many human resources practitioners spend a great deal of their time engaged in this activities for organizations. Recruitment and selections has been considered as a process for matching the individuals to the job. Although the recruitment and selection has been viewed as the key accept for many HR practitioners, their activities are affected by the organizations’
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Recruiting individuals for a particular job can be done internally within the organization or externally recruiting the people from the outside. Using the internal recruitment, it can help the firm to reduce the cost of recruitment obviously. When the organization using internal recruitment , it also can be internal promotion acts for all staff that motivate employees to work harder. Employing an outsider will take more risk than an insider, because the strengths and weaknesses of an insider have been already known by the human resource managers. However, there are also some disadvantages of internal recruitment. Sometimes promoting an employee in the firm may upset someone else.
For external recruitment, it is possible to select talent and best-qualities individuals from a wider range, and it can bring new ideas and opportunities to the business. And there is always a risk that the new employee from outside could only be a success”on
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Banking is emerging as one of the most progressive and important career choices among public, especially for students. Therefore, selection in bank sector becomes more vital and essential, which is always focus on finding a right person to a right position for the job. Several criteria are considered necessarily in personnel selection. For example, One’s education background, past performance or experience and personal characteristics. All those criterial will be tested though the written examination and interview.
Since employers need to make a choice between candidates, the most accepted method used to make this selection decision is the interview. However, increasingly companies are recognizing the emphasis of selection decisions and are implementing other methods which can develop the efficiency of the process, even through there are still constant concerns expressed in the literature about the remained use of traditional interview methods. In assessing which methods are efficient, three basic criteria are typically applied, at least when seen from the traditional, psychometric perspective. These are validity, reliability and

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