Recruitment And Selection Process

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Recruitment is an important function of human resource management. This is the 1st function by which any organization starts to hire capable candidates. Recruitment is considered as process of generating a pool of candidates who applied for a position in any organization. (Gold 2007) Recruitment is a process by which any organization informs internal and external human resources about any vacancy to be filled and it is expected that it will be filled by the person who has most closely qualifications and experience according to the job specifications. Organization has to bear high cost when it has not done recruitment according to the standards. Recruitment is 1st step to hire the human resources if this step is taken in a professional way then…show more content…
There are mainly two main concerns when any employer is going to select any applicant. First one is to select the applicant who has right abilities, right skills, right knowledge and job related experience so he/she would be able to fulfill the organizational needs. Second concern is the expectations of applicant from the organizations and it is required to assess in term of financial or non-financial. It is so much necessary for organization to assess the applicant needs so only right person can be hired and company would not have to place any new candidate after a short…show more content…
Selection is referred as the process by which any organization identifies the candidates with right skills, knowledge, abilities and some other characteristics that help the organization to achieve its short term and long term goals. (De Cieri & Kramar, 2008, p. 30) It is attractive to hire the capable people because if this process is done in an efficient way then company gets a competent workforce which become its more efficient strategic asset to create its value in market.
The ability of employees is required to be facilitated by a strong managerial infrastructure so right people can be placed on right positions. Employers have an organized concern for hiring the right persons and at the same times job seekers also want to find the perfect employers who can provide them job security. Job seekers gather information about employer through imperfect signals and they have to trust on these imperfect resources. Recruitment and selection is done in an organized way which is shown in this
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