Importance Of Recruitment In Human Resource Management

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Recruitment is an important function of human resource management. This is the 1st function by which any organization starts to hire capable candidates. Recruitment is considered as process of generating a pool of candidates who applied for a position in any organization. (Gold 2007) Recruitment is a process by which any organization informs internal and external human resources about any vacancy to be filled and it is expected that it will be filled by the person who has most closely qualifications and experience according to the job specifications. Organization has to bear high cost when it has not done recruitment according to the standards. Recruitment is 1st step to hire the human resources if this step is taken in a professional way then excellence and efficiency become assets of organization. Recruitment helps the organization for gaining its aim to obtain most qualified and experienced candidates who have ability to satisfy the needs of organization. Candidates are attracted by the organization by different sources including; identifying, evaluating the best applicants. Recruitment begins with advertisement of existing vacancies. Recruitment can be done internally or externally according to the cost and need of organization for longer period of time. Mostly organizations try to use the external resources so most fresh minds and talent can be utilized for creating a trend of research and development. Different companies have different policies related to recruitment
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