Recruitment Process Essay

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INTRODUCTION The first step in procurement function is recruitment. The priority of manpower planning in every enterprise is increasing due to expansion in labour market flexibility and in global competitiveness. The recruitment exercise is one of the important sectors of an organization’s Human Resource Planning. Recruitment serves to satisfy organisations’ need by enabling it to have a set of competitive, motivated, flexible and more adoptable Human Resources in turn can insure continued operation for fulfilment of organisations’ objective. Competent Human Resources at the right positions are crucial for the organisation and constitute core competency. The organisation reaps strategic advantage out of it. Recruitment helps in creating a pool…show more content…
The internal factors are endogenous in nature and the organisations do have control over it. The external factors are basically exogenous and beyond the control of the organisation. Internal factors of recruitment: the followings actors are the internal forces to recruitment. Size of the organization: The organization’s size and the number of employees employed affect the recruitment process. Generally larger organizations find recruitment less problematic than organizations with smaller in size. Besides this the growth and expansion plans of the organisation also affect recruitment process. Recruitment policy: The recruitment policy of the organization such as whether to recruit from internal sources or to go for external sources also affects the recruitment process. Apart from recruitment policy of the organisation the recruitment cost also affect the recruitment process. Image of the organization: Organization’s image has its impact and influence on its recruitment process. Good image of the organization helps in attracting and stimulating potential and competent candidates to apply for the organisation. Managerial overt and covert actions such as good public relations, rendering public services like building roads, hospitals, schools and public parks earn image and goodwill for

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