Importance Of Reflection

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The last three session (eight to ten) will be used to present the posters and videos. Each group has 20 minutes to give their presentation and five minutes to receive feedback from their classmates and the teacher. Feedback sheets will be hand out in advance and can be used as a guideline. It is important to receive individual feedback, not only from the teacher but also from fellow students. While being assed be an adult (the teacher) the students tend to ignore the feedback. However, if you receive constructive criticism from coevals, it is more likely to think about what was criticized. 
 The final discussion, in lesson ten will be lead by a central question, for example: “Compared to the fist video we watched in class - how has your opinion on the topic changed?“. In advance, the students and the teacher could agree on a leading questions. Involving the pupils in the preparation for upcoming lessons may lead to higher participation. 

III. Reflection

 After presenting our ideas in front of our fellow students we realized what can be changed or improved. The feedback helped us a lot to reflect our unit and to talk / think about different approaches to the problematic. First of all we were considering a different introduction, maybe with a short video of someone talking about nature and environment itself. Thus, the focus would be on listening comprehension from the beginning. Many of our fellow students wrote on the feedback sheets that they missed more listening
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