Importance Of Reflection In Adult Education

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As a student I found that as I observed or taught my philosophy changed. I looked into other theories to see if I could build upon my existing knowledge and beliefs. Something that would assist me in the classroom and increase my ability to teach. Changes in teaching philosophy and techniques came about during day to day experience as well as with microteaching and these are brought to the forefront of my mind through the use of reflection. Reflection is at first a hard technique to grasp. But put simply reflection is merely a process to; help us understand the links between what we do (what we can call our practice) and how we might improve our effectiveness (by developing our practice) (Ghaye, Tony 2010) Reflection was first introduced to me through the Microteaching facility. Here the reflection is based on three ten minute lectures, and incorporates personal, peer and expert…show more content…
They are accustomed to or maybe still indoctrinated to the pedagogical style of teaching and they are not yet ready to shift from this notion. In some cases the learner may not yet classify themselves as an adult in the educational setting. From reflection on some of these classes I can see that the types of facilities where Adult Education courses occur are still classroom or school based in structure. This is a small thing, but even changing the physical environment of a classroom can have a huge effect in promoting change in this mind-set. Some texts will define an adult as someone who is: Has achieved the self-concept of being responsible for their own life (Schwartz, Andrew, 2009,
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