Essay On Reflection

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“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience” (John Dewey). Reflecting can help educators look clearly at the successes and struggles of a lesson and come up with ideas for improving our teaching. Reflecting is a valuable tool that helps educators be aware of how they are teaching, which in the end will make them a successful educator.
One way to reflect is by videotaping yourself. Watching yourself teach will provide insight about how you respond to students, your speaking skills, your body language, and your nonverbal cues. Watching my video of myself teaching was very beneficial, but yet hard to watch as all I could think about was, “Wow! I sound and look like that.” We are our worst critic. My lesson focused
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I believe this activity was beneficial because it focused on visuals, listening, and movement. Students got to be actively engaged throughout the lesson and they learned the ‘I can statement’ of: I can make inferences about a text. Students benefited from learning a reading strategy that they can use while they are reading a book by themselves. Students also benefited by using their listening skills to help them hear the sounds in the words. The students also benefited by learning how to become a better reader.
Reflecting on my video has helped me with what changes I can make next time I am teaching so I can help make my students more successful! Reflecting on my teaching will help with looking at what things I am doing great and what things I can improve on. There is always room for improvement. I will always seek for better solutions and continuously examine ways to improve. Everyday my goal is to be the best teacher I can be for my students and one way to do this is by reflecting on my
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