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In any refugee population, approximately 50 percent of the uprooted people are women and girls. Stripped of the protection of their homes, their government and often their family structure, females are often particularly vulnerable. They face the rigours of long journeys into exile, official harassment or indifference and frequent sexual abuse - even after reaching an apparent place of safety. Despite this little has been done by the international community to deal with them as women in a particular situation and with particular needs.

Refugee women flee various types of persecution, including female circumcision, morality codes, rape, and other forms of violence in search of protection of their most fundamental human rights. It is not that all those on move are successful in getting asylum or refugee status. The majority remains within their own countries; most of the rest stay in neighbouring countries in refugee camps or local communities. Only a small minority seek protection as asylum seekers or through refugee resettlement process. During refugee movements, women and girls risk further violations of their human rights, and have repeatedly been targeted as victims of rape, abduction and family violence. Even residing in a refugee camp can magnify the problems that refugee women face. The physical
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This requires adherence to various human rights treaties whereby states, in the exercise of their sovereignty, are free to adopt the interpretation that women asylum-seekers who face harsh or inhuman treatment may be considered as a ‘particular social group’ within the meaning of not only Article 1 A (2) of the Refugee convention of 1951 and its 1967 Protocol but also to other relevant international instruments. These relevant instruments are as follows:
• The Four Geneva conventions of 1949 and the Two Additional Protocols of

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