The Importance Of Refugee Integration In Germany

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Refugee integration in Germany has become an important aspect in the German economic, social, religious, cultural and political system. Refugees can easily become a burden to the government, if the government does not help foster their integration. There are several factors that can help to ease the integration of refugees in Germany. The social, eductional and economic factors being the most pivotal.
Even though Germany has been considered an immigration land since the 1960 with the arrival of more than 1,000,000 guest workers, Germany still lacked modern and concrete immigration and integration laws. This has changed in the past few months with the influx of more than oooo refugees into Germany.
The integration of refugees in the
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This job are paid 1 Euro an hour. Refugees who refuse to work will have a cut in their benefits. (Ibid). Most refugees in Germany have been complaining that they want to work but do not have jobs. This law will make it possible for every refugee who wants to work to have a possibility of getting a 1 Euro job. Eventhough the refugees are only paid 1 Euro, they will have job experience and also help better their German which will help them in their future careers.
The German government also promises that, most Hard German existing labour laws will be relaxed meant to ease the hiring of refugees by German companies. (Ibid). The existing German law states that before a refugee is offered a job, the job center has to make sure that, there is no German citizen or EU citizen who can do that job. This law will be suspended so as to ease the hiring of refugees by German companies. This will help refugees to easily be employed and start paying taxes and not be a burden on the
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As of 2015, there are about 9,11 million foreigners living in Germany, 9 % of the German population is made up of foreigners with a foreign passpord, while 11 % are Germans with an immigration background and 80% are purely Germans withour any immigration background. (Mediendienst, 2015). It is difficult to extimate how many refugees are actually living in Germany. Before the recent crises in Syria, Iraq and around the world, it was easier to tell how many refugees where living in Germany. According to (Leubecher, 2016), about 1,5 million of refugees with repect to asylum precedure are living in

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