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Review of related literature in the concerned field is of greater significance in locating the research problem. Hence, it plays the pivotal role at the crucial juncture of planning of the study. Review of related literature is an intellectual pursuit, essential to the development of the problem and to find out an effective approach to its solution. Review of related literature means to locate, to read and to evaluate the past as well as current literature of the research concerned with the planned investigation. It is a serious step of research which includes a relevant literature more extensively. So, it is most essential for a research worker to be well informed about both the specific problem under-investigation and related studies. The…show more content…
It works as guidepost not only with regard to the quantum of work done in the field but also enables us to perceive the gaps and lacuna in the concerned field of research. The similar or related studies carried out by researchers at various levels are called review of related literature. The various sources of it are the research reviews and survey books, journals, newspapers, records, documents, indexes, abstracts, dissertations and others information directly or indirectly connected with the problem of investigation. 2.1 IMPORTANCE OF REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE About the importance of review of related literature Samuel Butler (1998) has written the praise worthy statement, with a correct sense of mind that the importance of related literature can’t be denied in any research. Though it is time consuming, but it is fruitful phase of any scientific investigation. The main purpose is to systematically portray the relevant aspects of the study into a theoretical framework. John W. Best (2010) elucidate the importance of review of related literature as, “Practically all human knowledge can be found in books and libraries unlike other animals that must start a new with each generation, man builds upon the accumulated and recorded knowledge of the…show more content…
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of using computer assisted teaching method. The model of the study was experimental design. A sample of 46 students was randomly selected and assigned to experimental and control groups. While the lessons of the experimental group were taught with computer based teaching method, the lessons of the control group students were taught with classical teaching methods. The data were obtained by using mathematical achievement test and by using mathematics attitude scale. Data were analyzed using independent t-tests. According to results, the mathematical achievements of all students increased after this process; however the improvement of the experimental group students was higher than control group students. Besides, the average scores of experimental group students obtained from mathematics attitude scale after the teaching process was significantly higher than their scores obtained before the teaching process. Thus CAI has more positive effect on the achievement and attitude of the students than the classical teaching

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