Advantages Of Relationship Marketing

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Relationship marketing is very important in this modern world, since consumers all around the world, especially is sophisticated and have good amount of knowledge and seeks better offers. So, this factor force marketers to shift from push marketing to pull marketing. Retailers are now more focusing on mass mediums and relationship marketing these days. Building relationship with customer was basic function for an organization during last few years, concentrating their marketing their marketing with emphasizing on good customer for whom organization must build long term relation. Building relationship is the only way that an organization can achieve a permanent competitive advantages and which leads to survival and long term…show more content…
The core concept is to build long-term relationship with customers. Relationship marketing view marketing as an exchange where both buyer and seller help of the product that will be offered to the market. Marketing doesn’t end after the customer purchases the product, rather, you attempt to obtain important feedback from your customer and build a continuous relationship through related products and services. Member of originations, at all level ds, communicate with business colleagues, customer, shareholders, the media and members of the public on a daily basis. The following advantages of communicating effectively with…show more content…
One of the first definitions of relationship marketing is attracting, maintaining and enhancing customer relationships. Porter (1993), which states that relationship marketing is the process whereby both parties – the buyer and the provider – establish an effective, efficient, enjoyable, enthusiastic and ethical relationship: one that is personally, professionally, relationship marketing aims at building long-term mutually satisfying relations with key parties such as customers, suppliers, and distributors – in order to earn and retain their long-term preference and business. However, the most comprehensive definition of relationship marketing was proposed by submits that the objectives of relationship marketing are to identify and establish, maintain and enhance, and, when necessary, terminate relationships with customers and other stakeholders, at a profit so that the objectives of all parties involved are met. This is done by mutual exchange and fulfillment promises. Supplier relationships improve value or reduce costs through more efficient ordering

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