Importance Of Religion In Movies

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Since religion often plays an important role in the film, but does film play an important role in religion? Does the film showcase the truth about the religious belief or it is made just to entertain not to connect what is the reality about the religion? Perhaps the better question is, “Does film play show what religion is in the way that the people understand religious concepts?

Many questions have been raised since before the religious concept in film took place. I think the best reason in watching movies is for us to be entertained while eating popcorn and drinking cola, understanding the movie is quite involved. Films not only reflect life, it can also shape our norms, attitudes, values, and perception of life. The films tend to help us imagine the unimaginable, let us see the unreasonable to be reasonable, and to accept an unacceptable.They can show the truth, truth as they interpret it, or simply ignore truth altogether to show what is entertaining. Don’t expect that if the film is based on the true story it will be a 100% true story because in reality the movie maker adds flavor on the story so basically the films are half truth and half fiction. There are numbers of films that is actually engaging or should I say “deceiving”, in a way that films tend to challenge one’s faith because the scenes are relatable and the film tries to explain what actually happens then the certain person will try to think and believe. That is the indicator that films actually have the

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