Religion And Spirituality In Social Work

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RELIGION V/S SPIRITUALITY: THE BLURRING LINE By Sahil Chopra (PGP/17/343) Submitted in partial fulfilment of course on Business Research methods No portion of the work referred to in this proposal has been submitted in support of an application of another degree or qualification of this or any other university or other school of learning. Acknowledgement Writing a business research proposal is a very challenging aspect of a student’s life. This however would not have been possible without the encouragement of few people. I take the opportunity to thank them. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Professor Arun Abraham Elias, Victoria Management School for giving me the opportunity to work on this proposal and for…show more content…
The authors conclude that “there is a clear need for all social work practitioners and educators to give greater priority to exploring the potential significance of religious and spiritual beliefs in their training, in their professional practice and in the lives and perspectives of service users and colleagues.” Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Education and Direct Practice at the Millennium: A Survey of UK Social Workers This oxford journal paper found out that the majority of respondents hold the belief that spirituality was a pivotal and basic aspect of every human. Over 75% of the respondents believed that the difference between the two streams is significant and supported the fact that those who experience from terminal illnesses can benefit a lot from this distinction. Religion, Spirituality, and Health: The Research and Clinical…show more content…
Significance of the study Causal Loop Modeling The causal loop modeling is used to depict the relationship between the various variables identified in the system. The variables in the proposal concerned are – religiously motivated disputes, criticism for religion, spiritual freedom, inclination of people towards spirituality, increasing awareness towards spirituality & freedom of thought and choice. Limitations There are several limitations of this study primary one being the lack of judgment regarding generalization of the concept as people belonging to different religions may have different motivations towards spiritual inclination. Whatever research one does, there is no guarantee that it will be appreciated by the end-user. The interview that is conducted may be biased and the people might give favorable answers just to impress the interviewee. The surveys might be effective in reaching large number of people but there are chances that people do not get the true meaning of the questions posted and hence the outcome might be a flawed
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