Importance Of Religion In Society

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Why does religion exist for society as a whole, and what is its relevance to the modern world? I think religion exists today for many of the same reasons it existed a thousand years ago. Being a member of a group like one is when they follow a religion can make a person feel like they are part of something larger than just themselves and they can share their personal beliefs and ideas with like minded people which in turn can create social stability. A place of worship where religion is practiced brings people together where they reinforce their social bonds through communication and social relationships. It gives meaning to their life and gives them a purpose while answering questions like “why are we here,” “what is the meaning of life” or “what happens after we die?” Believing in a religion that can provide those answers makes many people feel protected and safe because they accept that their faith will guide them through difficult times and help them make the right choices in life through the power of prayer. Religion provides ethics, morals and the principles in how to be a good member of society and in doing so you are guaranteed salvation and eternal life which is an agent of control for social behavior. These things in the modern world and centuries ago help preserve society through community and compassion. Through religion people are motivated to create positive social change. Despite the advances in science much of our world consists of unanswered
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