Importance Of Renewable Energy

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INDUSTRIALIZATION INTRODUCTION: COSTA RICA, Renewable Energy. The process of economic and social change is called Industrialization. Industrialization shifts the cores of financial action onto the center of work, compensation and salaries. Energy is defined as the capacity to do work and is measured in joules (J) or watt hours (1 Wh = 3600 J). Power is the work done per unit time and is measured in watts (W), ie, joules per second. There are two types of energies. Firstly, Primary energy which is formed by nature resources for example sun, water, wind and coal (found under the ground). These energies are formed to generate electric power and hydrogen which is called Secondary energy. Using electricity is convenient than using one of the natural resources like sun. Primary energy resources are commonly termed as renewable or nonrenewable. Mineral, wood, coal, water, plants, and many more are Renewable energy sources. Renewable energy is just like the ice cube maker in the refrigerator, as you take the ice out the more ice is made, and if you take a lot of ice out it would take a little longer time to refill but not a very long time. Renewable resources often work the same way. Solar energy is one such resources because the sun emits the light all the time. Wind energy is another renewable resource because the wind cannot be stopped, and hence it makes it easy to renew. Similarly, trees are used for timber, cotton is used for clothes, and crops such as corn and wheat can be

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