Hardwood Floor Case Study

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Repairing Hardwood Floors Hardwood floor is one of the factors that can influence the decision of a prospective real estate purchaser. People value such floors because they have many good properties. Hardwood floors make the homes look elegant. A very important property of such floor is that they are not cold like tile or cement floors. They also keep the house warm by retaining any heat that is generated in the room. This does not mean that there are no wood floor problems. Hardwood floors require regular polishing and maintenance as they can become dusty or moldy. They can also develop scratches which destroys their beauty. Though wooden floors are treated and they pass through some contemporary processes for preventing borers, and termites…show more content…
Thereafter it is evened by sanding it. The other process is to use strips of woods. By applying glue to the sides of these strips of wood, and then inserting them in the gaps, it is possible to close the gaps. Little bit of hammering, and sanding may also be required here. The Hardwood floor scratches are common and inevitable. At some given point, scratches will surely happen. If home owners have hardwood flooring, it's very important that they learn how to do very simple scratch repairs themselves. However, before home owners start fixing any scratches, they need to learn how to differentiate between gouges and scratches on their hardwood floor. Check out repair squeaky hardwood floors, replacing wood floor, repair wood scratches replace wood floor and subfloor repair A scratch is commonly a visible, but not too deep, marking on a hardwood floor's surface. Hardwood floor scratches can be obtained and caused by dragging furniture across the floor or even by glass that has fallen and cut the area or surface of the floor. On the other hand a gouge, is much deeper than a typical scratch. Think of a gouge as a flesh wound on a hardwood floor that could

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