Importance Of Reparations For African Americans

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Reparations Needed The topic of reparations African Americans believed they are owed has been a topic of much debate in recent years. Many African Americans feel that reparations are long overdue for the many years that their ancestors labored for nothing. Some have argued as to why reparations are needed and how would they be distributed. Compensation to Blacks for the injustices suffered by them must first and foremost be monetary. It must be sufficient to indicate that the United States truly wishes to make Blacks whole for the losses they have endured. Sufficient, in other words, to reflect not only the extent of unjust Black suffering, but also the need…show more content…
The guiding principle of reparations must be self-determination in every sphere of life in which Blacks are currently dependent. The money reparations could be used for a variety of different agendas to help improve the lives of African American people. The money could be used to fund African Americans business, by providing small business loans. Money from reparations could be used to help find and cure and treat diseases like Aids and heart disease which claim the lives of thousands of African Americans yearly. Pg.2 Many have argued against giving African Americans reparations, the question why is it necessary, since all of the individuals that were directly affected by slavery are all deceased. First, reparations are not going to the ones directly injured. Reparations are not being paid by the ones who did the injury. Reparations are being paid by those who are not guilty of the harm. And reparations are being paid to those who were not directly injured and are generations removed from the crime." This is the sentiment of most they do not believe that African Americans
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