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A. Explanation the purpose of conducting literature survey
I am going to explain what literature survey is, based on my point of view with help of some theories related to business management that I have gone through. It can be understand from the phrase literature survey is like surveying certain subject historically and summarize it in way that can support your subject.
Any research in any subject area always need to be supported by existing knowledge. Literature survey is the agent that responsible to organize and identify all the relevant literature. It’s one of the early stages of any research that the researches should conduct it to understand more about the subject. By doing it will avoid excessive information that are away from the subject. From this objective will get the recent
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How can employees act as barrier or be the problem to get trained. As coordinator in many training sessions, there are some attitudes of the employees had been observed which act as resistance to the training in business environment. Some of them asking is this will be benefit to them and is this advanced material can be learned and some other comments. The issue of resistance training need to be reduced by discovering strategies that will help to reduce this issue by helping the trainees to overcome their resistance to training. Also, there is a need to develop a positive attitude toward the learning from training. So employees attitudes toward training is thing that company should know in order to control this issue. Trainees can be divided in three groups based on their attitudes toward the training. Some of them want to be trained and are interest in learning. Others see the self that will not successful from this training and they are self-efficacy. The third group, feel that this training is not relevant to them and no need to attend it and have negative attitude to the training (Stear & Willis,

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