Importance Of Reservation In India

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INTRODUCTION If you don’t ask, you don’t get” – Mahatma Gandhi India is a democratic country, though defining who are democratic in India is million dollar question. The reservation policy in India has been a debatable topic for almost every Indian born who might have criticized or utilized this at any stage of his/her life. The word ‘reservation’ and the Indian policy of reservation indicate a sort of discrimination that is compensatory and it is implemented for the upliftment of the lower rings of the society. The Indian Constitution has mandated the policy of reservation in form of percentage based quotas for the citizens of India that privileges the lower sections of the society in making their life better as Dr. B R Ambedkar emphasized…show more content…
When the term reservation is taken in our country, the term ‘caste’ automatically comes into light as these have been interlinked in our democratic country. This was a major judgment on the reservation policy prevailing in India and it gave a pathway to future judgments too. But a question still remains unanswered that many policies are made by the policy makers and the courts also have laid down policies that are in the interest of people, still there are people who are not even aware of the benefits the government confers them and many policies are not implemented with ease in this country. Nevertheless reservation policy in India has benefitted many people in their upliftment but no doubt it has also been a black patch on those castes to whom reservation is given as it has become a general understanding of those who call themselves ‘elite’ class that these are downtrodden from the society as well their minds. But I strongly condemn this statement as because the reality is something else though these ‘elite’ class accept it or not. There is an urgent need for the policy makers to change the reservation policies with much clarities in these policies for the interest of these people not against these people. The reservation policies in India have become a curse for these SCs/STs and OBCs rather than a boon for them. It is obvious that one who does not utilize or capable of not getting privilege through these reservation policies criticizes it. It is a true fact of this system. This is the only reason that deserving people on higher posts in various institutions or organizations are not promoted to the posts they deserve only in the light of fact that they are SCs/STs and the OBCs or the economically backward classes. A question still remains unanswered that whether the policy makers and the policy of them or the perspective of the upper class has created a

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