Why Is Resilience Important

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Resilience: The most important thing that I have learned from reading, and studying about resilience, is that, everyone in life will experience something that is a tragedy, or trauma related. Thus everyone needs to come with a strategy, to help them become resilient people. Resilience is something that is important, it is something that everyone should strive for so that they can overcome tragedy, and roadblocks in life. Also, it is the ability to bounce back from something terrible, and come back stronger, than when you were in the event. I would also describe resilience as having the ability to face the trauma, and come out better for it. Some of the ways that one can develop resilience, is to first make sure they are taking care of themselves, and using a…show more content…
Making connections can also help a person develop resilience, and if a person makes connections with people who experience the same trauma, then they can return to their normal level of functioning much sooner. Using coping strategies is also a good idea. It helps people deal with their emotions at the time, and by coping, they can retain their current level of functioning. High levels of functioning, play into people who are being resilient. Lastly, one needs to work on being adaptive, and accepting that things may change, but that does not mean they have to be less resilient, they need to always be evolving. Client Suicide: After reading the article on client suicide, I struggled to think of what needs, I would have to support me, and how I would recover from it. My wellness plan, would start by taking time for personal reflection, and try to grasp the situation. I feel that this is important because to start to recover from the shock of losing a client to suicide, I need to focus on what happened from start, to end, so that I can get a better sense of what I
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