Importance Of Resort In The Philippines

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Best 10 Resorts in Cebu

One of the most visited places in Philippines by people from all over the world is Cebu located in the country's Central Visayas Region. Not only is the city rich in historical sights, thanks to the local government placing value in keeping its landmarks from Cebu's 16th century Spanish colonial past but also because of it's resorts provided by it's geographical location and natural resources. There is plenty of resorts to go to and Cebu can certainly cater to all types of travellers from families looking for a place to visit and unwind for their annual vacation, young professionals looking for a place to party and couples wanting a romantic getaway. With the main island and 150 other islands around it – plenty of activities and sights to see are waiting for you.

1. Maribago Bluewater Resort This resort is set in a seven hectare property, is 15 minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International airport and about 50
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Diving is one of its popular past times since the house reef offers a 100 ft. wall dive. There's also the spa to pamper yourself in to complete your getaway.

3. Costabella Tropical Beach Resort Located in the historical island of Mactan, the Costabella Tropical Resort is 10 km or about 20 minutes away from the Mactan-Cebu International airport. White sand and private beaches with two swimmming pools and rooms decorated with the Spanish colonial influence and with natural, homegrown materials as well – it is suprising to hear guests still desrcibe the resort as “trendy yet tranquil”. The resort has 156 rooms nesteled amid soaring coconut trees native to the country, many of which come with private balconies that offer privacy and an amazing view of the ocean. Live bands that play serenade music at night has become one of the most mentioned in reviews of this

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