Importance Of Responsibility To America Essay

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Responsibility is having an obligation to do something as part of one’s job or role. Everybody has a responsibility to America, whether you realize it or not. As time goes on you will understand your responsibility. Your responsibility started when you came to America or were born in America. But, there is one responsibility that I think everyone in America should have. I think my responsibility is to learn, act, and protect my rights as an American citizen. Overtime I have realized what my responsibility to America is, and I also think it should be everyone’s responsibility. But, not only do we have a responsibility in this but the government also has a responsibility to uphold them. The government has to be willing to help us protect…show more content…
It helps us unite as one nation because all people have the same rights. Since everyone has the same rights everyone can learn the same things. When you learn about your rights you need to know the details so you can state your case if your rights were violated. By acting upon your rights you will have a voice in our nation. When someone has violated your rights you can act by making a case for why you had the right to do what you did. You need to know your rights when you encounter law enforcement. When you are not being allowed your right you have the right to speak up so do so. You also have the right to believe in whatever religion you want to believe in so if someone is not letting you believe in what you want then your rights have been violated, so speak up and tell someone. As we may be willing to learn and act on our rights we also have to be willing to let the government help us protect our rights. We cannot protect our rights on our own. We need their help. They can help us protect our rights by punishing those people who disobey them. The government has to protect us in every way that they can, whether it be for our lives or for our rights. We also need to have a lot of trust and respect for our government to feel comfortable in our rights being
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