Importance Of Responsible Government

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Title: A Momentous Time in History Responsible Government Granted and the Canada’s United By: Alim Meralli- Current Events This is a time of celebration for Canada. After a long and arduous journey, we finally have responsible government and the Canada’s have been united. As we look towards the future in anticipation to what lies ahead for the new Canada, it is important to reflect on how what responsible government means, why so many people risked so much to bring it about, and the implications for our future. Responsible government is where elected politicians, chosen by the people, have control over the government. Under responsible government, everyone has the opportunity to run for elections, and have their ideas heard and taken into consideration. The general public then chooses who they want to represent them in government. Under responsible government, the elected politicians make the decisions, and cannot be denied by the Legislative Council or the Governor. These elected politicians speak on behalf of the people, and the government is responsible for ensuring its decisions are in the best interest of the whole country, not just a select few who are rich or powerful. Before responsible government was accepted in Canada, power was held by a select few. Injustice and nepotism was rampant. Ordinary people had little voice in government, and no power to change how things were run. Life was very tough for most ordinary people. The roads were mostly dirt and

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