Hate Speech Argumentative Essay

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With recent attacks on college campuses and the Charlottesville riot, many question if hate speech should be restarted for a sense of security in the nations community. hate speech should have a protection policy because it will provide a bigotry free zone for students and from psychological studies hate speech triggers violence.
Sense of security, emotional distractions and an increase of absences are main factors on why college campuses should pass a restriction on hate speech. First, a restriction on hate speech allows a sense of security on the campus. College campuses like Berkley have reached out to try and propose an amendment that would ban hate speech and remove speakers like Ben Shapiro from giving a speech on their campus. They have
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It is not hard to react to one another’s words especially the words that are often targeted negatively towards one person. George Lakoff, a Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, discusses how hate words can be a physical imposition on the freedom of individuals. Lakoff starts off with the fact that since language activates thoughts, it can drive the brain towards either a negative or a positive path. With hate speech, it can create an environment where “toxic stress, fear and distrust — all physical, all in one’s neural circuitry active every day (Lakoff)” to increase on the individuals who are targeted. Once these victims feel the anger rush in, it is not hard for them to fight back, either with words or with physical actions. The hate imposes on an individual 's ability to think and act freely. Secondly, hate speech can also change the brain of those who had little to mild prejudice into offenders that expresses their hate into their physical actions. Once hate is implemented into the brain, it is carried out from your neural system and the offender constantly think, feels and acts hate. Hate speech creates a ripple effect on a person’s freedom of
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