The Importance Of Risk Management

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Risk is chance to harm (death, injury or illness) yet might occur when exposed to a hazard. How to manage the hazard, firstly know what in the workplace or which work activities may present a risk. Once, the risk discover where it is, do whatever can to eliminate or minimise those risks. The risk management process involve four steps

i. Identify hazard - catch on what could cause harm.
It involves finding things and situation that could possibly cause harm to people. Hazards generally appear from the following aspects of work such as the physical work environment, the equipment, material and substances used at the workplace, work tasks and how they are performed, work design and management. Methods that can be used to identify hazads in
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Other than that, during work activity involves a number of different hazards and there is a lack of understanding about how the hazards may interact with each other to produce new or greater risks. Yet, changes at the workplace may occur an impact on the effectiveness of control measures. Risk assessment is mandatory under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2012 (SA) for high risk activities, such as entry into confined spaces, diving work and live electrical work. Assessing risk involves severe potential harm caused by hazard including types of harm could occur, hazard could cause death, serious injury or illness or only minor injury and how many people are exposed to the hazard. How the hazard may cause harm…show more content…
These are work methods or procedures that are designed to minimise the exposure to a hazard.
• Personal protective equiment (PPE) - this should be the last option. PPE such as ear muffs, hard hats, gloves and protectice eyewear, relies on the proper fit and use of the PPE, but does nothing to change the hazard itself.

In some cases a combination of control measures may need to be implemented to provide the highest level of protection that is reasonably practicable. When selecting and implementing a combination of control measures it is important to consider whether any new risks might be introduced as a result.

iv. Review control measures - to ensure they are working as planned.

Control measures that have been implemented must be reviewed, including
• when the control measures is not effective in controlling the risk
• before a change at the workplace that is likely to give rise to a new different health and safety risk that the control measure may not effectively control
• if a new hazard or risk is identified
• if the result of consultation indicate that a review is necessary
• if a Health and Safety Representative request a

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