Importance Of Risk Management In Sports

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The process of risk management can be implemented as part of a best practice management system within the sport organization and sport sector. The process enables risk factors that might lead to injuries to be identified and the levels of risk associated with activities to be estimated and evaluated. This information can be utilized proactively by sports governing bodies and participants to identify preventive and therapeutic interventions in order to reduce the frequency of occurrence and/or severity of injuries within their sports. The acceptability of risk within specific sports, however, is dependent on the perceptions of the participants involved to sport activities.
1.0 Introduction
Sport risk management is an importance thing to focus in organization especially sport organizations to practice in organization. Risk management comes early years 1970 (Aman, 2006) and nowadays risk management practices is increases and take serious in risk management practices. Sekendiz, Laroche and Corbelt (2011), sport today changes from recreation to professional activities including sport industry, athletes and professional coach or officer. Everyone participate in sport industry including athletes, coaches, managers, sport officers, organizer and all manufactures sport equipment exposes to risk.
Purposes sport risk management to minimize and reduces accident in sport (Ang 2007, Wong and Chen 2010 and Rejda 2011). Keehan (2009), most claims in sports come from
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