Compare And Contrast Essay If I Want To Live Life

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I want to live life like I am dying. I think it is better to take risks and perhaps make some mistakes rather than to remain cautious and risk nothing. First, life would never be boring if I was always taking fun risks. An example of a fun risk I would take would be jumping off a cliff into the lake because I would not know how deep the water is. Second, any stupid risks I take that I think may have been a mistake in the first place would actually benefit me in the long run because I would learn from my mistakes. For instance, one time I drove the golf cart to fast and almost flipped it, so now I drive the golf cart extremely slow. Last, I want to live life to its fullest and if I do not take risks everyday than I do not think I am living life to its fullest journey. As can be seen, I do not want to live a life with no risks because that would mean I would not actually be living life like we are supposed to. First of all, life would be really boring if I never took risks. For instance, if the people on Earth had not taken half the risks they have already we would never know what to do with our lives. If I had not taken the risks to learn how to swim I would not have known how much fun swimming brings into my life. If I did not learn how to swim I would not get…show more content…
If we never took the risks to use the same needle on a different human we would never had known that that can injure the other person. If we never took the flu shot billions of people would die each year. If we take risks like this all the time we are learning new things that will help out the future generations. If we take the risk before someone else we could give the next person who is going to take that risk advice. If we never take risks we would never look at things differently in life. All in all, we take risks and we learn from our mistakes, and that is one of the greatest things that we will ever
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