Importance Of Road Planning

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A new highway shall be constructed when the existing highway network no longer meets the requirements of traffic or land use, and these requirements cannot be satisfactorily met or eliminated through road improvements or other transport system develop Road Planning Process ments, or the negative impacts caused by traffic cannot be reduced enough. The planning of road projects is a process becoming more detailed stage by stage. At each stage, the level of planning accuracy and decision making is adapted in accordance with land use planning. The roadwork preparation has four stages:
Feasibility study
Preliminary engineering planning
Final engineering planning
Construction planning
In minor road projects with limited impacts, planning and decision-making
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A preliminary engineering plan determines the approximate location and space requirement of the road and its relation to the surrounding environment. Preliminary engineering planning determines the approximate location of the road, the road’s connections to the existing and future road network and land use, basic technical and traffic solutions and the principles underlying the prevention of negative impacts to the environment. Planning is performed at a level of detail which ensures that the plan is technically, financially and environmentally feasible. When legislation requires an environmental impact assessment (EIA), the road project’s environmental impact is assessed according to the Act on Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure during the preliminary engineering planning phase. The approval decision is made on the preliminary engineering plan. The project can then be included in near-future implementation programmes (the Finnish Transport Agency’s operating and financial plan, the programmes of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment). Because the location and quality of the highway and the highway’s impacts on people’s living conditions and the environment are determined in the preliminary engineering plan, this phase has the most important effect on the road project. An approved preliminary engineering plan…show more content…
Construction planning belongs to the road construction phase and covers the drafting of the documents required for construction. In many cases, the contractor is often responsible for drawing up the construction plan. Within limits of the final engineering plan, interaction between road constructors and landowners and other concerned parties continues throughout the entire planning and construction phase. In minor projects, the final engineering and construction planning phases can be combined. Compensation is paid for any damage caused to external property during final engineering or construction planning and construction.
In different phases of the planning process, alternatives are reduced as road planning becomes more accurate. As the process progresses, planning can be more and more focused. For the public and other parties to the planning process, it is important to participate in the planning at the right time. Planning can also be interrupted, if sufficient reasons no longer exist to continue the planning
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