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In today 's world, road and transport has become an integral part of every human being. Everybody is a road user in one shape or the other. The present transport system has minimized the distances but it has on the other hand increased the life risk. Every year road crashes result in loss of lakhs of lives and serious injuries to crores of people. In India itself about eighty thousand people are killed in road crashes every year which is thirteen percent of the total fatality all over the world. The accident is of three types due to their effects or seriousness, fatal accident, injury and property damage only. Man behind the wheel plays an important role in most of the crashes. In most of the cases crashes
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The users of a road include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, their passengers, and passengers of on- road public transport, mainly buses and trams. Best-practice road safety strategies focus upon the prevention of serious injury and death crashes in spite of human fallibility. Safe road design is now about providing a road environment which ensures vehicle speeds will be within the human tolerances for serious injury and death wherever conflict points exist. Furthermore, the highest possible degree of safety shall be ensured when transporting goods by road. It is of vital importance to monitor and validate the road transportation safety, including comprehensive checks on drivers, vehicles and safety processes. Road safety is a complex issue and there are a high number of factors and indicators involved in the accidents. The problem itself is underestimated in many countries, especially in developing countries where the issue is…show more content…
The opposite pattern is expected in developing countries, where traffic accidents are expected to increase at a fast rate in the years to come. A study done in Calcutta India, reported that there are some host (human) factors (such as the behaviour of drivers, pedestrians and cyclist behaviours) and seasonal factors (weather and time) that contribute to fatal road traffic accidents ﴾Zhang et al 1998). Overall, most traffic accidents occurred on main roads (highways) and in the majority of cases pedestrians were found to be at fault during crossing the roads (Majumder et al

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