Rail Transport Research Paper

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In the modern worlds the transport of cargo is something that is very important. Iarget.
• Road trucks
Road transport is possible the most used way of transporting goods and products to its final destination. It is very hard to think of a situation where there are no road transport involved in moving goods or products. The biggest transport and courier companies in South Africa all use road transport look at companies such as SG Freight Logistics, Kargo National, DHL, FEDEX and all the hundreds of others operating in South Africa. Long-haul is done by interlink trucks and the local deliveries in and around town depending on the type and size of the cargo by anything from a small van to a 8-ton or 10 ton truck to an interlink. These cargo and
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Under the right circumstances freight transport by rail is more economic and energy efficient than by road, especially when carried in bulk or over long distances.
The main disadvantage of rail freight is its lack of flexibility. For this reason, rail has lost much of the freight business to road transport. Rail freight is often subject to trans shipment costs, since it must be transferred from one mode of transportation to another. Practices such as containerization aim at minimizing these costs. When transporting point-to-point bulk loads such as cement or grain, with specialised bulk handling facilities at the rail sidings, rail mode of transport remains the most convenient and preferred option.
Many governments including South Africa are currently trying to encourage companies to use trains more often because of the environmental benefits. In South Africa the railways system is not as great as in most European countries, although there are a huge drive to re-juvenate the rail
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The most expensive of all the modes of transport, airfreight offers the quick, fast and on-time service, but at a relatively high price. Air cargo, commonly known as airfreight, is mostly collected by companies from shippers and delivered to customers, but you could deliver it to the air cargo terminal at the airport and collect and the destination airport. One fact that has never changed is that air cargo is the most expensive form of transport.
There are many commercial aircraft suitable for carrying cargo such as the Boeing 747 and the bigger Antanov planes, which was purposely built for easy conversion into a cargo aircraft. Cargo planes use quick-loading containers known as unit load devices (ULD’s) something similar to the containers on shipping vessels, yet much smaller in size.
Air transportation is best suited to moving relatively small high-value / low-volume items over long distances, although things as diverse as livestock and automobiles routinely move by air as well. The use of cargo planes are specifically useful when transporting persihable goods over a long distance. The best example of air transport is jewellery, watches, diamonds, gold and gemstones. From South Africa cargo planes are used on a daily basis to transport goods all over the world, some of the examples
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