Essay On Robust Knowledge

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“Robust knowledge requires both consensus and disagreement.” Robust- theory of knowledge, Consensus- general agreement, Disagreement- lack of consensus or approval. Everyday we all learn something even if it is on purpose or not . we all as human learn many thing and analyzed them bit by bit to understand what we have gained . we gain through personal and shared knowledge.Robust knowledge is something we need in our daily lives. We need to have agreement in order to along in order to get things accomplished. But robust/ a wide range of knowledge also needs disagreement because disagreement can help us see a lot of others points of view and can shape our decisions more ethically and knowledgeably .politicians are interactive with consensus and disagreement in a daily basis.we would be able to view how the robust knowledge of politicians has not been really countered with disagreement. We can come to a conclusion to when there is no disagreement in any type of statement…show more content…
Throughout life we persistently acquire knowledge on an everyday bases. We accumulate information from diverse sources in many ways even if we know it or don't and then interpret it with the previous knowledge including our individual emotions, memories,sense of perceptions, language and intuition, so that we can comprehend and analyze these information. Knowledge is divided into two areas: shared knowledge,-which comes from a group or community, and personal knowledge,-which is acquired through individual experience and personal involvement. Shared knowledge requires consensus but will never grow or adapt if there is never disagreement.Knowledge evolves over time and needs disagreement in order to keep sharp, on point
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