Importance Of Role Play In Speaking Ability

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Dita Nanda Rosevella

ABSTRACT This paper describes one of CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) method activities, it is role play. These days, most of students are passive in the class because they are afraid to express their feelings or thoughts. Teachers can apply role play activity which can help arouse students’ speaking ability. In addition, role play has been known as one of learning tools which is flexible to be applied because the students can do it inside or outside the classroom. Besides, the students would not feel bored because the activity is interesting and makes the situation more live.
Keywords : CLT method, role play, improving students’ speaking ability, communicative approach


In learning English, there are four skills that must be mastered by the students. One of them is speaking. Teachers often find out their students are afraid to express their feelings or thoughts. They often feel confused and prefer to keep silent in speaking class because of some factors. For example, they are afraid to make mistakes or the topic is not interesting. However, students have to be able speaking well. “Speaking is a kind of bridge which connects the learners between classroom and world outside. If the students have good communication skills, they will be able to express themselves in their target language whether in the classroom or outside the classroom,” according to Simple
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