Importance Of Role Play

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Teaching approaches in Values Education Role Play Concept What is role-play? Role-play is any speaking activity when you either put yourself into somebody else’s shoes, or when you stay in your own shoes but put yourself into an imaginary situation (Prem Limbu, 2012). Limbu also mentioned that in role playing the students could become anyone they want for the short period of time. For example: becoming a Hollywood actor/actress, a Korean popstar, a royalty, a billionaire and many more. In case of imaginary situation, scenes like checking-in at a hotel, eating in a fine dining, hosting a party or giving a presidential speech is being practiced. Reasons to use Role Play It is commonly agreed that learning takes place when activities are appealing and unforgettable. Jeremy Harmer become an advocate of the use of roleplaying because it is fun and motivating, quieter students get the chance to express themselves in a more forthright way, the world of the classroom is broadened to include the outside world – thus offering a much wider range of language opportunities, it helps students understand that there are casual relationships between people’s behavior and the outcomes of events (Drake & Corbin, 1993)., it enables students to explore their values and appreciate the consequences of their values based actions (Downing, 1994), it enables students to identify options and solutions., it enables students to manage conflict., students who will at some point travel to an
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