Importance Of Rules In Fahrenheit 451

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Rules encompass a variety of ideas with the purpose of controlling the actions of individuals. Without rules, disorder and chaos would prevail, leading to an ultimate disaster. However, the opposite of this disaster would be an absolutely controlled world where there is only order; with rules governing everything in existence. Both worlds are unfavorable and need a balance, allowing for rules to be broken yet rules are still followed to keep order and maintain balance. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, a postmodern dystopian fiction, Ray Bradbury describes the life of Guy Montag, a fireman with the job of starting fires in order to burn books, and his struggles against a controlling society that rejects his desire for knowledge. Bradbury takes a…show more content…
Number two: leisure to digest it. And number three: the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction based on the first two” (Bradbury 81). Describing these major points missing from society reveals that a totalitarian government controls the people and dictates the citizens’ lives in the dystopian society. For example, the government restricts the information available, thus controlling the possible subjects the people may ponder. This government restriction is an example of the dystopian theme of censorship, the controlling of information to the people, which allows the government to have absolute power over the citizens. Also, the society processes available information at an accelerated rate, due to the ever changing trend and need to stay up to date, not allowing individuals to reflect on their current decisions before they move onto the next. Finally, due to the limitations from these two factors, people may not utilize necessary information to draw accurate conclusions about the natural world. To prohibit informational
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