Importance Of Rural Tourism

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The sustainable tourism is being developed to encounter the threats that which tourism brings. Over the years, sustainable tourism is normally inside the destination areas such as relationships and in between areas of habitats and people. The aim sustainable tourism are to minimize environmental damage, and fulfil customer’s satisfaction. By this way the balance of obtaining between maturation and potential of tourism in the conservation which needs the environment to be achieved by (Krippendorf, 1988; English Tourists Board, 1991; Hawkes & Williams, 1993; Bramwell & Lane,1993). In the duration time, tourism in the rural areas has grown, because of the market forces, seeking various types of holidays due to the government ingenuity by (Lane,1991 ; Weiler & Hall, 1992). In this case the sustainable tourism in rural areas is a strong improvement of the developing. The concept is that rural tourism is multi-purpose to succeed. It is based on a narrow pro-nature conservation ethics. Such as the sustain culture and the communities character toward it. Have to maintain the landscapes and the habitats of wildlife animals. The need to maintain the rural economy in a way the creation of Sustainable Management and Development Strategies.…show more content…
The leading management of all the resources in so many ways such as economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological process, and biological diversity and life support systems.

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