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Meta Description: Gain industry insight on the important role of quality SEO content in today’s digital marketing scene as well as tips on improving your content marketing.

Quality SEO Content: Why It Is Important and Relevant to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

This quote is from the well known digital marketing strategist, author, and speaker Lee Odden. His words are obviously true. And that is why SEO content should be the foundation of any digital marketing strategy.


Google processes more than 3.5 billion
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SEO and Content: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

A PBJ sandwich won’t be complete with either of the spreads missing. And the same goes for your digital marketing strategy. But content development simply won’t be enough to win website visitors and clients. You need to partner it with search engine optimisation to complete your winning recipe.

Think of it this way. In a restaurant setting, your articles, videos, social media updates, and blog posts are what you offer on your menu. SEO is the ingredient which will entice web users to smell and take a look at your dishes.

In summary, optimised content is the best tool to attract the attention of internet users.
But getting their attention is just part of the big challenge in digital marketing. The next hurdle is to convince your target audience to actually buy, use, patronise, and share your product or service. How can you achieve this?

Provide quality content.

The Importance of Quality Content

Before we enumerate the reasons for creating good content, perhaps we can better understand its importance by looking at these two
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Perhaps the words of internet personality Gary Vaynerchuck answers this question the best: “What you do after you create content is what truly counts.”

You may have the best article on making the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but if you don’t know how to put your information out there, no one might ever get to read it.

Therefore, the importance of pairing effective SEO and high quality content is reiterated and cannot be stressed enough. You need to have both to succeed with your online marketing efforts.

Not everyone is an expert in either or both fields, and that’s fine. You’re a rock star in managing your business or clinching clients, and not everyone can do that either.

But you do want your internet marketing campaign to succeed, and we at Ardor want that too. That is why we provide services and have the professionals who can help you take care of the search engine optimisation part or the content creation department.

Want to know more about how we can help? Just book a free consultation with Ardor’s CEO and the Coolest Guy in SEO, Kris Reid. Make your next step truly

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