Importance Of Sacrifice In Frankenstein

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Sacrifice, according to Merriam-Webster is "to give up (something important or valued) for the sake of other considerations", what Frankenstein by Mary Shelley revolves around. Science, God, and creation are the main elements that spark the novel into life. Without the sacrifices that Victor makes, the novel would not have the same result. The actions he makes lead him to his end, death. Sacrifices are usually taken with gratitude but can at times have negative consequences. The self motivation to sacrifice such a precious part of yourself needs to be appreciated by the receiver. If no appreciation by the other side is shown, the sacrifice seems pointless. Victor tries his best to decide what he really wants in life and how to balance his love for others and his love for creation. Science sparks creativity in him while love makes him feel complete. The sacrifices will hurt but they tend to benefit in the end, if done in time. Throughout life, the interests and hobbies one has will be sacrificed in order to keep what one really values in life. At a certain age there is a need to isolate oneself away from family and friends in order to find a…show more content…
The values are different for each person but if you really care about someone you will sacrifice all needed to make them happy. Sacrifices made are not fair at all times but if appreciated and noticed they can save relationships. In Victor's case he tended to sacrifice his family over science and creation. Later responding in being left alone, with no family and full of regret and hatred. What once sparked his creation was now what turned off his happiness. Not taking responsibility of his actions and not having a strong word lead him to failure. Having priorities set straight and knowing what to sacrifice and when can make all the difference. If you do what makes you happy, the sacrifices will not fell as harsh and there will not be any
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