Islam: Sacrifice Of Animals In Islam

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Sacrifice of animals is very old practice of this World. Men kill or sacrifice animals and get various benefits from it. They use it for food, its skin and bones can be used for different purposes. Sacrificing animals is being practiced in all religions, every nation and in every era. Sacrifice of animals is also allowed and practiced in Islam. Muslims sacrifice animals in different cases. Sacrifice of animals is one of the great rituals of Islam, in which we remember the unity of ALLAH, His blessings and the obedience of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). This ritual held great importance in Islam. Al-Udhiyah: Al-udhiyah refers to the animal (sheep, goat, cow, camel) that is sacrificed as an act of worship to ALLAH,…show more content…
It is to be performed by parents or by guardian of child. Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions used to perform aqiqah of new born child. It is narrated in Sahih at-Trimizy that “the Prophet (P.B.U.H) was asked about aqiqah he ordered 3 sheep for a boy and 1 sheep for a girl”. There are many benefits of aqiqah like announcing birth of child, being bestowed a child is great blessing from ALLAH, get-to-getter of relatives, neighbors and friends, giving food to poor and needy people. The conditions of the animal for aqiqah are the same for conditions in al-Udhiyah. SADQA: In Islam animals can also be sacrificed as sadqa (charity). It’s not the only way of giving sadqa or charity but it is one way of giving sadqa. It is the way of helping poor and needy people by providing them food. The conditions of animals are same for sadqa as al-Udhiyah and aqiqah. These are some cases in which animals are being sacrificed in Islam. This slaughtering of animal is being practiced from centuries and it will continue till end of world. It is clear from above cases and situations that these are obligatory and confirmed Sunnah acts so Muslims will always offer sacrificing of animals in the name of
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