Importance Of Safe In Somalia

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Safe. What does safe really mean? Safe is something we all desire and hope to receive throughout our lives. It is one of the most important feeling we can have in life. The definition safe can vary from person to person, depending on the people around you, the environment you grew up in, or the religious beliefs you have. I grow up in Somalia where I did not feel safe most of the time. Unlike how things are in the United States, in Somalia, we were constantly in fear of gun shots, mentally ill people and animal attacks.
In Somalia anyone can carry a gun whether they are young or old. In a place like Somalia where there are no gun control laws that limit people, it is very unsafe, and guns go off a lot of times. There were too many accidents in the town we lived where children and innocent
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Few people are carrying guns around in public without a license. Even though we have our own problems in the Unites States with gun control it is way better than Somalia. Here in the United States, we have so many resources that we take for granted, including huge hospitals where people with mental illness are taken care of and are being treated. It is not like Somalia, where when someone gets sick mentally, they are chained up in a room or children chase them down the streets of the city. It might be hard getting help at first here in the United States, but when people get help, they get better with mediations and are safe to return to society.
In the United States, animals are kept in zoos. Animals are kept in cages for many reasons. One of the reasons animals are kept in zoos are for safety and to educate people on the dangerous of animal attacks. Another reason is for economic reason where people go and pay money to see certain animals at the zoo. Also to protect these animals from starvation and people killing them outside of a

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