Importance Of Safeguarding

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Safeguarding is an important part of integrated working. When professionals work together in an integrated way, they put the individual at the centre of all activities to help identify their holistic needs earlier to improve their life outcomes. It is important to see safeguarding as part of a continuum, where prevention and early intervention can help children, vulnerable adults and families get back on track and avoid problems turning into a crisis.
Protection is a central part of safeguarding and promoting welfare. It is the process of protecting an individual identified as either suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect.
Standardisation of policy and practice needed nationally. - The need for a system to hold agencies to account and to clarify their roles and responsibilities. - The need for a statutory requirement for agencies to participate in order to ensure that sufficient priority is accorded to adult protection issues. - The need to give adult protection equivalent status to child protection.
There can be a difference in views from those held by professionals about the meaning of the term ‘adult protection’, with little overall awareness of the systems relating to adult protection that exist. For those people with experience of adult protection systems, the lack of involvement of service users and their carers within adult protection systems, can cause problems around the apparent lack of inter-agency work in this area,

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