Importance Of Safety And Quality In Nursing

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The role of a nurse is vital in the hospital setting. Nurses provide direct care to patients to improve their wellbeing. Many factors can affect the quality and safety outcomes for nurses and their patients. Following proper procedures and reducing preventable errors can enhance the care for clients. The purpose of this essay is to understand the safety and quality within the nursing field and relate it to a theory. The paper will focus on safety and quality, the role of nurses as it relates to safety and quality, and a theory that aligns with this issue. Quality and Safety in Nursing Care Defined Depending on the source, quality and safety can be perceived in many ways. Safety is trying to minimize the harm that patients and providers will encounter by improving the system and healthcare worker’s performance (Master, 2017). There are many accidental errors within the nursing system and many hospital’s goals are to reduce the amount. With this, more patients can be given the proper care by lowering preventable injuries. If healthcare workers are more accurate in their performance, it can improve the relationship between nurses and patients by gaining their trust and providing a better quality of service. Quality is providing health services for clients that will improve their health outcomes and being up to par with current information (Master, 2017). The nursing world is constantly changing. Thus, workers need to be flexible and strive for higher levels of education. More

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