Importance Of Safety In Construction

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1.1 Introduction Construction sites are generally complex and sometimes unsafe. They are complex because of extensive use of sophisticated plants, equipment, modern methods of construction, multidisciplinary and multitasked aspects of its project workforce. Generally, construction sites are still one of the most dangerous workplaces because of high incidence of accidents, (Teo et al 2005) .Globally, the construction industry has a poor safety record and is disproportionately dangerous compared to other industries, advocated the idea that safety is no luxury but a necessity, (Fung et al 2005).

Besides that, the construction industry in Malaysia has embarked on a new era towards the realization of sustainable and progressive construction .The government had launched the Construction Industry Master Plan 2006-2015(CIMP) initiated by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia. Safety in construction must priority among the construction fraternity during pre-construction. A holistic approach of safety must be introduced to the construction stakeholders to move up to the greater height in future.

Generally, contractors are aware that they have a role to play in promoting safety programs and safety behavior as stipulated in OSHA 1994 Section 17 (Duties of employers and self-employed to their employees) . They have an obligation to ensure that their workers are not exposed to risks which can affect their safety and health. The

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