Importance Of Safety In School Bus

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How Safe Your Kids Are In School Buses? Is it the time when you have to send your kids to school? Which school have you selected for your kids? How far is the school from your home? If it is far how your kids will commute to the school? These are some of the common questions generally parents think in their mind, and indeed these are the most basic things every parent should think twice before to make any of the choices. Each and every parent wants that their children will go to a good school so that they can be successful in life. In present day most of the schools are providing different facilities to the students like school bus transportation, library system, canteen etc. When student transportation flashes into our mind, the first think that click is safety. Safe transportation is an essential thing. All parents…show more content…
This ratio symbolizes the carelessness of the school bus transportation committee also signifies the need of betterment of the school bus transportation along with the school bus tracking system. I know, you as parents are aware of the current happenings but still I want to highlight some of the painful school bus accidents happened in India, which will surely make your eye full of tears and your heart to ache. • 12 school students died while 8 were injured in Jalandhar due to collision between a school bus and a truck. It has been reported that on March 4, a school bus which has been loaded with 24 students was going on the Jalandhar-Nakodar road; suddenly a truck came in the opposite direction and hit the bus. Later it has been investigated by the school bus transportation committee that the truck driver’s negligence and the rush were the reason behind that accident. • In 2016 April 34, due to school bus plunged in water 18 students died in Andhra Pradesh. The carelessness in school bus transportation was the cause of such a heartbreaking

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